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“TOMTOM and the Magic Door, the first Comic Opera based upon the Austrian Cartoon Character TOMTOM received its World Premiere on the stage of  the Great Tandi Theater in Beijing, China on July 16th.2006


The inter cultural Opera was a unique Chinese / Austrian co-production of the “Middle School 171, Beijing?and the High School “Wasagymnasium,  Vienna consisted of students of the two High Schools.


The highly acclaimed  comic opera served as the centerpiece of this year’s  celebrations of 35 Years Austrian-Chinese diplomatic relations.


Mr.Gottfried Kinsky-Weinfurter , the impresario of the project and  composer of it’s music  has created an evocative score for both small and large orchestra. The textures by Nicole Kinsky where light, with the focus on the voices and dramatic action.


"TOMTOM is a tale of humor and whit so overwhelming and intense it transcends cultural  bounds. This project represented an exciting opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists from China, to explore and draw fresh inspiration from both the story and the great creative work of Cartoonist Thomas Kostron, and to re-tell this Comic Cult of timeless significance and universal relevance," Gottfried Kinsky-Weinfurter said.


Ms.Yuan Weimin, Director of the Middle School 171 Beijing : It was particularly rewarding to be the site of the world premiere of TOMTOM and the Magic Door, based on the quintessential Austrian Cartoon Character .


“Our hope is that the sensational  Comic Opera will find a place in the heart of the Chinese TOMTOM fans? said Cartoonist Thomas Kostron, who created TOMTOM in 1990. 

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