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Country of Origin: Italy


Year Established: 2004


COGU was created by Cosimo Gucci, the 4th generation descendent of the famous Gucci family of Florence that has created a world standard for luxury goods. At young age, he helped his father and uncles manage his family business. After his father Roberto Gucci (1932-2009) sold his shares in Gucci Group, Cosimo assisted his father to create his own brand in 1992 to continue the family tradition of coherence and aestheticism. 


The brand under the family name, Gucci, was later sold and is currently wholly owned by a French group and has no connection whatever with the Gucci family.


As successor to his father’s business, Cosimo Gucci has a vision. He wants to extend his family tradition of fine quality to the young generation at price they can afford. He thus created the brand “COGU” in 2004 in order to extend the influence of his fine family tradition.      


Brand Image

COGU’s image is perfect match for the X-Generation – young, energetic, creativity, non-conformity, freedom, natural and adventurous. 


Target Customers:

a.  Gender - men and women

b.  Age - 16 to 40 years old

c.  Social & cultural level- medium to high

d.  Personality - non-conformity, expressive, practical, sensual, independent and free.    


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